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Our Mindfulness Programs

We inspire and train educators, community members, parents, and teens to develop
personal mindfulness practices and create communities of inclusion.

Mindfulness in Education

Our Stress Management (MBSR), Self-Compassion (MSC), SMART for Everyday Life
& Mindful Yoga Courses can help manage stresss, support self-compassion, promote positive mental health and wellness, create community and cultivate mindful awareness in your life.  

Whether you are an educator, administrator, parent or teen, begin your journey of transformation with us. We offer a wide variety of evidence-based options.

Our comprehensive teacher training programs can help support you on your path to teach others.

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Focus on connection, inspiration and practice.


Selected list of resources is the result of over a decade of providing mindfulness programs in educational and community settings.


Mindfulness Everyday is registered as a charitable organization in Canada #83693 3507 RR0001

As a registered charitable organization, Mindfulness Everyday is pleased to accept donations and volunteers to further its work. For more information, see our About Us page.

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