Mindfulness-Based Wellness for Organizations


An Engaging and Sustainable Practical Approach

Mindfulness Everyday has been delivering our evidence based, trauma-sensitive, EDI aware, and SEL-informed programs since 2002. We offer programs that emphasize participant engagement - meditation, movement, discussion and more. Our programs and practices are focused on an individuals' well-being. Our approach is geared to ensure long-term success. This approach recognizes working holistically to promote practices that will benefit individuals to increase participant engagement for well-being and success.  

"Every organization has a different need—and opinion—about mindfulness. In my experience, listening and framing accordingly has been more successful than pitching a one-size-fits-all program. When you try to understand what the actual business and organizational needs are, the usefulness of mindfulness approaches to their obstacles and opportunities becomes more obvious.” ~Daniel Goleman

Key Recommendation for the World Heath Organization

“Universal individual interventions: Psychosocial interventions that aim to build workers’ skills in stress management – such as interventions based on mindfulness or cognitive behavioural approaches – to promote positive mental health, reduce emotional distress and improve work effectiveness.” ~World Health Organization on addressing Mental Health in the Workplace
Mental Health Today | Sep 28, 2022 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/world-health-organisation-release-practical-guidelines-

Customized Mindfulness Programs With Trained Facilitators

Our programs are led by trained and certified facilitators - many of whom are educators. The programs can be customized to your members or organization's needs. We can deliver the programs in person at your location or online. Our founders and facilitators are also available to speak at conferences and other events.

How We Can Support Your Organization

Mindfulness Everyday supports a culture of wellness within organizations that build the capacity of people and communities through trauma-informed training and practice, meeting the current and emerging training needs of organizations. We offer mindfulness-based wellness (MBWO) programs led by our certified highly qualified training team that are customized to your organization’s needs, delivered at your venue or online.

  • Mindfulness Everyday provides valuable expertise in helping you plan the training to fit your needs
  • Mindfulness Everyday has developed a team of experienced trainers that provide evidence-based and best-practice training.
  • Reduces the cost of travel, accommodation and backfill and time spent away from work by prividing cost-effective solutions.
  • Training is tailored to meet the needs of your workplace and staff that is customized, flexible & convenient. Training is delivered to fit your schedule and staff availability. Training materials, certificates, and evaluations are provided.
  • Consistent training ensures all staff receive the same training and can provide training specific to helping professionals.

On-Site Training

Does your organization need to provide training for program staff, a multi-disciplinary team or the whole organization? Do you want to address a specific training need or to implement a new approach or model? Onsite training can address specific training needs for larger groups and sessions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of frontline staff and management.

Community-Based Training

Some agencies like the benefits of in-service training but don't have enough staff to merit the cost. If your agency would like to host training in your community or share the cost with other agencies, Safeguards can help co-ordinate training to meet your specific need

Online Training

Mindfulness Everyday offers some online training in order to make Professional Development as easily accessible as possible to every community. Save time and money and train from the comfort of your home or office. Participants benefit from a comprehensive education, plentiful resources, and on-going discussion with peers and trainer

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Consistent and ongoing mindfulness practices provide proven mental health and wellness benefits. Research supports mindfulness practices to improve stress management, self-care, resilience, concentration, executive functioning, and positive habits of mind. 

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Professional and Specialized Options Include:

Speakers Our experienced and professional mindfulness speakers present their knowledge in an interactive and engaging manner, in a variety of different formats such as a keynote speech, moderated conversation, Q&A, or a fireside chat. Contact us to book one of our Mindfulness speakers for you next in-person, hybrid, or virtual event.


Bring mindfulness expertise and experiential learning to your organization.

  • 1-hour workshop provides your organization with an introduction to the practice of mindfulness and its applications both professionally and personally
  • 2-hour workshop gives your organization an overview of the theories & applications of mindfulness
  • Full-day workshop further develops the introductory concepts and applications of mindfulness, incorporating a wide variety of foundational mindfulness practices
  • A customized workshop (various delivery options) can be tailored to your team! 


Build capacity in your organization with our 12-hour Train-the-Trainer Mindfulness-Based Wellness Workshop (MBWW) workshop qualifies employees to become Peer Instructors to facilitate a 1.5-hour MBWW workshop to staff. With a certified instructor in your organization, you can offer as many workshops as needed throughout the year.

A certificate will be presented to participants who successfully complete the 12-hour training.

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This is a comprehensive, evidence-based 9-session trauma-sensitive, SEL-informed, EDI-aware program. (SEL= Social and Emotional Learning | EDI= Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion). This SMART-Stress Management and Resiliency Techniques program is engaging, interactive and highly participatory. Mindfulness the SMART Way helps your staff develop inner strength and resilience to be with the challenges that may come with both professional and personal life.

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Teacher Certification

If anyone in your organization has found mindfulness to be transformational in their own life and is inspired to teach others in community or other professional organizations, our teacher certification programs can help support them by providing comprehensive, authentic, community-building, supportive trainings. The teacher training consists of 25-hour facilitator training and 75 hours of practicum, assisting, co-teaching and mentoring instruction in Mindfulness the SMART Way program delivery.

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