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Mindfulness-Based Wellness Programs for Organizations

An Engaging and Sustainable Practical Approach

Mindfulness Everyday has been delivering our evidence based, trauma-sensitive, EDI aware, and SEL-informed programs since 2002. We offer programs that emphasize participant engagement - meditation, movement, discussion and more. Our programs and practices are focused on an individuals' well-being. Our approach is geared to ensure long-term success. This approach recognizes working holistically to promote practices that will benefit individuals to increase participant engagement for well-being and success.  

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Consistent and ongoing mindfulness practices provide proven mental health and wellness benefits. Research supports mindfulness practices to improve stress management, self-care, resilience, concentration, executive functioning, and positive habits of mind. 

Customized Mindfulness Programs With Trained Facilitators

Our programs are led by trained and certified facilitators - many of whom are educators. The programs can be customized to your members or organization's needs. We can deliver the programs in person at your location or online.

Mindfulness-Based Wellness for Organizations (MBWO) Facilitator Training

1) Two basic training options:

OPTION 1-Just For You. Contact us directly to explore setting up a training for you and your team of trainers. We require a minimum of eight facilitators. The advantage of this training is that we can schedule according to your needs and also customize to support any grant or initiative. 
OPTION 2-Online Public Training Program. The advantage of this training is that you get to meet other practitioners often form diverse fields in prevention, human resources, social work, healthcare, and wellness. Stay on the look out for periodic trainings that we offer. The best way to do that is to sign up for our newsletter.

2) Be prepared for a four-session training format spaced one week apart

  • Module 1: Foundations of Mindfulness
  • Module 2: Introduction to Mindfulness-based Practices
  • Module 3: Trauma-sensitive and EDI Approaches
  • Module 4: Putting it into Practice

Format: 12 hours of in-person, hands-on and experiential instruction divided over four, 3-hour modules (customizations and online options are available) from a certified Mindfulness Everyday Instructor. Includes 12-hours delivery of our complete MBWO curriculum and mentoring:

  • Comprehensive overview of the most salient research and literature on mindfulness and its impact on stress, trauma, the brain, wellness, and resilience
  • Facilitated experiential mindfulness-based practices including meditation, breath awareness work, gentle mindful movement, and group activities
  • Trauma-informed curriculum and practices that incorporate equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI aware)
  • Interactive Instructor resource manual with a full breakdown of the course, including comprehensive resources, scripted meditations, and group activities to choose from
  • The opportunity to engage in teach-backs, to practice delivering the curriculum peer to peer, with critical feedback from our trained faculty

This includes slides, facilitator notes, principles of facilitation, handouts, worksheets, options for customization, training fidelity, session ratings, and how to get certified.

3) Becoming certified

A certificate will be presented to participants who successfully complete the 12-hour training.

  • Certificate allows you to present this 1.5-hour workshop ONLY at your organization of employment
  • Attendance at the 12-hour train-the-trainer MBWW workshop required
  • Provide a resource manual from Mindfulness Everyday for each participant attending in-house workshops.
  • Facilitate at least one training a year to maintain certification.

Delivery Options:

On-Site Training

Does your organization need to provide training for program staff, a multi-disciplinary team or the whole organization? Do you want to address a specific training need or to implement a new approach or model? Onsite training can address specific training needs for larger groups and sessions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of frontline staff and management.

Community-Based Training

Some agencies like the benefits of in-service training but don't have enough staff to merit the cost. If your agency would like to host training in your community or share the cost with other agencies, Safeguards can help co-ordinate training to meet your specific need

Online Training

Mindfulness Everyday offers some online training in order to make Professional Development as easily accessible as possible to every community. Save time and money and train from the comfort of your home or office. Participants benefit from a comprehensive education, plentiful resources, and on-going discussion with peers and trainer

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