Leading Mindfulness Groups

Leading Mindfulness Groups:
Strategies and Skills Course

Course Highlights:

  • Learn how to teach and facilitate mindfulness groups with a trauma-sensitive and EDI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity) approach.
  • Build upon the foundation and skills you have acquired froma previous mindfulness training program.
  • Practical training and teach-back sessions to develop expertise and confidence.
  • Evidence-based approach by Jon Kabat-Zinn, incorporating MBSR, MSC, Emotional Literacy, Mindful Movement, and Positive Psychology.
  • Focus on guiding practice, delivering engaging didactic information, and facilitating meaningful inquiry
  • Receive feedback from peers and experienced instructors

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals who have completed a multi session mindfulnessprogram or have completed prior mindfulness training.
  • Educators, community organizations, healthcare professionals, workplace trainers, and mindfulness practitioners looking to expand their skills and confidence inteaching mindfulness.

Why Choose Us?:

  • Practical training and teach-back sessions to apply your knowledge.
  • Unique curriculum encompassing various protocols for teaching mindfulness.
  • Supportive and constructive environment for skill development.
  • Leverage the expertise and resources of Mindfulness Everyday trained and experienced teachers.
  • angela.ventrice@mindfulnesseveryday.org