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What's being said
about the MBSR Workshop

“I'm so glad I attended your MBSR workshop for hundreds of reasons. Daily I practise shorter meditations and keep reading—and re-reading—the FCL book. I'm so much more aware of my thoughts and how at times they lead to nausea.
It is fascinating and definitely helpful, though I have much more learning to do.”(— KJ, Scarborough)

"The MBSR course taught me techniques for managing daily stress and for handling highly stressful situations. The change has been transformational in my life... Most valuable for me was the way it lead me to calm my mind and centre myself. I sleep better and feel that I have found my real “self” again. The instructor was supportive, compassionate and provided profound insights." (— RH, Don Mills)

"Both my mother and I enjoyed the MBSR workshop earlier this year. She practices faithfully every single day and finds that it helps her manage her pain. We are thrilled for that. At the June 19 full day meditation, she was pain free for the first time in years". (— FF, Richmond Hill)

“Thanks once again for all your efforts in making the past eight weeks such a success for me.  I'm excited about moving on with my life and incorporating thinking mindfully as part of my daily routine.”


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The Origin of MBSR

Healing and the Mind -
Healing from Within

from BillMoyers.com on Vimeo.

Video Resources

Mindfulness Stress Reduction
And Healing


Cognitive Neuroscience
of Mindfulness Meditation


MBSR offers the possibility of connecting with the space of health and well-being within you regardless of your life situation.

We often find ourselves at a tipping point in our lives due to the multifaceted challenges of living in our fast-paced world. It could be around a time of crisis in your life—physiological, psychological or emotional, or that feeling of being overwhelmed, frantic and just wanting balance. Perhaps you’ve lost your connection to your own inner resources to health and well-being or to your own practice and want to reconnect.

The MBSR Workshop offers a safe, nurturing environment in which to reconnect with life in a new way which enhances/improves the quality of your life and relationships. The course is challenging and life-affirming. Through a series of 8 weekly sessions, participants learn and integrate mind-body techniques, designed to uncover and strengthen resources that are already within.

Mindfulness Everyday offers MBSR workshops in Toronto and the Southern Ontario region. For workshop schedules, please see the Schedule Page.

What are the benefits of MBSR?

Mindfulness is the practice of present moment, non-judgmental awareness of one's life experience. Through the use of mind/body techniques, one begins to relate to the stress and anxiety in life differently in ways that allow for more creative solutions and possibilities. It can help you:

The course consists of eight weekly sessions and one all day retreat session on a weekend.

This practical course includes:

Course fees include materials – the text, audio CDs, workbook.

In the spirit of generosity, some spaces may be available to those who genuinely are unable to afford the full cost of the workshop. Alternative payment options may be considered.

Facilitated by experienced instructors, the course is conducted in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Mindfulness Everyday Refund Policy for MBSR Workshop: We are confident you will find our classes enjoyable and beneficial. However, we do understand there are times when you may need to drop out of the course. Our refund policy is to provide a full refund, less a $50.00 administration fee, if the request is in writing and received by us, at least 5 business days prior to the course start. For subsequent written requests to withdraw, received by us up to 48 hours prior to the start of the second class, a refund of course fee will be given, less $100.00 to cover our costs up to that time (not including materials received). Course fees will not be refunded thereafter.

To request a refund, please send an email to payments@mindfulnesseveryday.org, indicating your name, the name of the class, reason for the refund, and a phone number where you can be reached in case of questions.

*Prices quoted may change without notice reflecting market changes beyond our control.

Insurance: MBSR is not therapy or medical treatment. However, some insurance plans do cover health education and wellness classes. If your plan covers the MBSR program, we will provide the information you need to request reimbursement directly from your insurer.

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This video, featuring Jon Kabat-Zinn, provides a good introduction to the concept and practice of mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?