Dianna Last
Memorial Fund

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May 10, 1946 -
November 18, 2018

Dianna Last was one of the original founders of Mindfulness Everyday. Her vision of compassion, generosity and kindness is embedded in our programs. Her creativity and artistic ability permeates our materials. She will continue to be an inspiration to everyone who has been touched by her authentic presence.

Dianna’s large heartedness showed up by removing financial barriers; she frequently offered subsidies to participants who genuinely were unable to afford the full cost of her workshops.

The Dianna Last Memorial Fund continues her legacy by facilitating access and providing subsidies for mindfulness training to those in education and in the community who would benefit in cultivating mindful awareness to support health and well-being.

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Photo by Dianna Last

Help Us Support Our Communities

Our subsidy and scholarship programs provide financial assistence for those who genuinely cannot afford the cost of mindfulness training.

We provide assistance to:

Community members wishing to to attend a mindfulness workshop or course, MBSR or MSC through the Dianna Last Memorial Fund. Apply for funding HERE

Professional development and support for teachers through the HLF Educators Support Fund for the SMARTeducation program. The funding for this program has been provided by The Higher Learning Foundation https://www.higherlearningfoundation.com, a Canadian organization based in Winnipeg, committed to supporting students and educators. Apply for funding HERE.

Gay members of ACT / Rainbow Railroad who wish to attend the SC-MSC 6-week Workshop. Apply for funding HERE.

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