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The Power of
Mindfulness in Education

These videos will introduce you to the work being done in introducing Mindfulness in schools to benefit teenagers and adolescents.

Hamilton Health Sciences:
" Mindfulness for Teens"

Daniel Rechtschaffen:
" Mindfulness and Education"

Mindful Schools
In-Class Instruction

Goldie Hawn and Dan Siegel at TEDMED 2009

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The Mindful Edge

The Mindful Edge at R. H. King; In Their Voices - The Benefits of Mindfulness


The Mindful Edge® is a specially-developed program to provide Stress Reduction and Life Strategies for Teens. It is based on the principles of the MBSR Workshop program created by Jon Kabat-Zinn. The Mindful Edge™ combines the practices of mindfulness with knowledge of brain science, positive psychology, movement and healthy living skills to create a program that benefits teens socially, emotionally, physically and academically.
Students actively participate in the process of unfolding  a practical understanding of mindfulness and how it can benefit them in their lives.