SMART Professional LP

SMART Professional

SMART: Stress Management and Resiliency Techniques for Helping Professionals

Trauma-Sensitive, SEL-informed and EDI-Aware

SEL = Social and Emotional Learning | EDI = Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

SMART™ is a 9-session, 20-hour, evidence-based program designed to address the needs of helping professionals. This evidence-based course trains participants to better manage work-related and personal stress in order to cultivate emotional balance.

smartProfessional program supports a culture of wellness within organizations to build the capacity of people and communities through trauma-informed training and practice, meeting the current and emerging training needs of organizations. 

Who Should Attend: Organizational leaders,administrators and staff who are committed to creating healthy workplace environments.
Community Organizations, community and program leaders: Mindfulness Everyday is committed to providing mindfulness-based wellness programs for the staff of organizations that support children and youth, who are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of people and communities requiring services.
The program is designed to support our care-givers, by providing them with practical skills, strategies and practices as well as authentic self-care, in small group settings, to support the mental health and physical well-being of participants so that they can continue to support others in being an effective community of care.

SMART Integrates the teachings, practices and research from:
- Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction,
- Mindful Self-Compassion,
- Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance,
- Mindful Movement,
- Kindness, Gratitude and Compassion

Each session consists of presentations, group dialogue and experiential practices in mindfulness. A 4-hour silent retreat and weekly home practice are also part of the course.
The course is highly participatory, engaging and interactive.It focuses on experiential practices to help you develop inner strength and resilience to address the specific needs and challenges in helping professions.

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