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Mindful Parenting Family Tool Kit

Mindfulness can be fun! Here you will find inclusive ways to bring Mindfulness practice to your family life. This is a tool kit if you will, of all ages Mindfulness practices. Please adapt and make them your own, in a way that suits your family. Bring Mindfulness to all of your life with your children. Remembering the key is to take your oxygen before embarking on anything. Simply pay attention to your breath and your body and add Mindfulness before reacting.

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This curated list of resources is the result of over a decade of providing mindfulness programs in educational and community settings. It reflects the content of our own personal library and offers a diversity of approaches – there is no one size fits all in mindfulness. We encourage those on the journey to investigate for themselves what resonates, and what resoruces they can use with confidence and authenticity. ~ Heidi Bornstein and Stephen Chadwick, founders, Mindfuness Everyday.

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Mindful Parents, Resilient Children
Parenting in a Rapidly Changing World
by Dr. M. Lee Freedman

Families today live in a society that is rapidly changing, increasingly demanding, faster moving, overly stimulating, increasingly unpredictable, and financially insecure. In the midst of this, stress-related symptoms and conditions in adults and children alike have become common, and cross all socioeconomic lines. There is an increasing need for both children and parents to develop stress management skills, and cultivate qualities of resilience in order to thrive in our current culture, and to prevent illness.

parent_childMindfulness-based programs have been used increasingly in the health care system in the management of stress-related conditions. Extensive research has shown the many health and psychological benefits of practicing mindful awareness. Neuroscience research is showing the positive effects on the functioning and structure of the brain of regularly practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness-based programs have more recently been developed for children, teens, parents and teachers and are increasingly being used as a preventative as well as a treatment intervention.

The practice of living mindfully involves the practice of deliberately paying attention and living as many of the moments of our lives as possible with caring and intentional non-judgmental awareness.

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M. Lee Freedman, MD, CM FRCP(C)