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SMART Level 1 Certification (allows successful applicates to deliver SMART Course)

1. Prerequisites

Completion of the following:
• An established mindfulness practice including meditation and mindful movement,
• Attending and Completing the submission Requirements for one 20-hour smartEducation course
• Completion of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) as a participant or equivalent (MBCT, other)
• Completion of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC or SC-MSC) course as a participant
• A residential teacher led silent retreat that is a minimum of three to seven days in duration (seven days preferred)

Professional degree and/or equivalent experience - Academic Qualifications:
• Undergraduate degree in education, psychology, health sciences, social work, or equivalent degree, or
• Advanced professional degree and/or equivalent experience
• Experience teaching adults and facilitating professional development activities for teachers

2. Certification Training Program (100 hours)

20-hour initial Training and 80 hours of practicum, assisting, co-teaching and mentoring instruction in smartEducation program delivery.

It consists of the following components:
i. 3-Day Foundational Concepts including practices and strategies for teaching smartEducation (20 hrs)
ii. Practicum: Participation and observing smartEducation (20 hrs) plus mentoring (10 hrs)
iii. Assisting smartEducation as taught by a qualified facilitator and/or with a fellow trainee (20 hrs) plus mentoring (10 hrs)
iv. Co-teaching smartEducation (20 hrs) under the guidance of a qualified mentor (5 hrs)
Note: completion of the above does not guarantee certification. Additional training may be recommended.
Participation in Ongoing Professional Development with Mindfulness Everyday
• Professional Development Training, Retreats, and Mentoring
• Resources, relevant research and articles