The Mindful Edge Teacher Training Program Summer 2021 Part 1

The Mindful Edge Teacher Training Program Summer 2021 Part 1

5-module program delivered as a summer intensive over 5 days.

In each session, participants learn how to teach while they participate in real-time delivery of the 5 scaffolded mindful lessons.

Part 1 of The Mindful Edge Program:
Module 1:What is Stress & How Mindfulness Can Help
Learn about the Physiology & Neurobiology of stress and how mindfulness can ease and help you manage your response to stress.
Module 2: An Introduction to Mindful Awareness: Why Be Mindful?
Find out about mindfulness and its relevance for you.
Module 3:Paying Attention to Body and Breath
Experience of mindful practices that use body and breath as an anchor to attention: body scan, circle breathing, mindful eating.
Module 4: What is the Neuroscience of Mindfulness?
The neuroscience of attention and neuroplasticity.
Module 5: Putting in All Together: Incorporating Self-compassion and Self-care.
Practical skills & techniques for imbedding Mindfulness in life.

This program is applicable to classroom (gr. 9-12), community as well as small group and individual settings.

Fee: $500
(includes access to teaching PowerPoints, student workbooks, evaluation forms, etc – everything needed to teach the course)

For more information, please contact Natalia Fister or call (416) 402-4963