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Mindfulness - A Powerful Tool That Is Inside All Of Us!

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Mindfulness Workshops K - 12

    Length: 40-miute sessions, (booked by the half-day or full-day)
    Benefits of the workshops include: increased calm, focus and concentration, self-regulation, self-awareness, self-esteem, cooperation, creativity and capacity to learn. Musical Mindfulness (K-3) Mindfulness skills, concepts and applications are taught through songs and singing, along with fun, interactive movement and breathing games and contests.
    A fun, effective way to learn mindfulness.
  • Mind-Body Breaks (K-6)
    Simple and practical activities to create a healthy mind-body connection and decrease stress are modelled and explored through experiential learning. Activities include: • Singing and Rhythmic Clapping • Sound, Movement and Breathing Games • Fun Contests & Imaginative Play • Singing Bowl demonstration • Stretching An inspiring and motivating introduction to positive physical and mental health
    Mindfulness and Drama (K-6)
    This mindfulness and play-based program offers fun and creative ways for kids to experientially practice mindfulness while gaining positive strategies to reduce worry and develop deeper self-awareness. Students will be introduced to a variety of mindfulness practices, guided visualization and mindful yoga to help them practice being in the moment and de-escalating moments of stress and worry. Through the engagement in mindfulness and movement activities, along with fun drama and play-based learning, students will explore issues related to self-confidence, self-regulation, school-related stress and anxiety.
    Theatre for Social Change (3-12)
    This custom-made workshop engages students in drama games, creative movement, storytelling and theatre. In addition, mindfulness and movement activities are incorporated into these sessions to offer students tools to ground themselves and deepen their self-awareness. Students will explore a theme theatrically; learning about image theatre and collective creation while working to address a relevant issue rooted in social justice. The goal is to offer a supported and dynamic way for students to creatively explore issues they are experiencing as individuals and as a group and to identify ways to make positive changes.
    Customized workshops using mindful movement to increase flexibility and strength, focus and concentration. Yoga helps students to:
    • Develop body awareness.
    • Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way.
    • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement.
    • Build concentration.
    • Increase their confidence and positive self-image.
    • Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group.
    Tailored workshops that introduce students to mindfulness practice, positive psychology strategies, stress management techniques, creativity, mindful movement and breathing practices, promoting positive health and well-being for well-being conferences, wellness days and positive mental health initiatives.
    Customized brain-based approach to teach students about stress and anxiety, with practical strategies for cultivating calm amidst the inevitable challenges in life

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