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How Does a Retreat Work?

A retreat provides an opportunity and a caring space for undertaking guided meditation, like an immersion course in a language. Meditation retreats offer practical instruction for the various mindfulness meditations introduced during the 8 week MBSR Workshop: sitting, walking, body scan, mindful yoga and loving kindness. It is usually offered after the 6th week of the course, and is an integral part of the workshop.

Since ancient times all wise cultures have known the value of retreat. Time in retreat allows us to step out of the complexity of life, to listen deeply to our bodies, heart and mind. It is an opportunity to be with yourself, within a group setting, allowing awareness to expand, the body to quiet, the mind to clear, and an opening for insight to develop. Self-knowledge and understanding can grow as we see that we can live each moment with attention, clarity, and kindness.


Mindfulness Everyday now offers all-day retreats for anyone who is taking or has taken the MBSR Workshop. This is an opportunity to reconnect with or deepen your practice with a day of silence.
Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a sweater, perhaps a blanket or shawl, your yoga mat, water, mindful lunch, and anything else you might need to take care of yourself.
The day is from 10 am until 4 pm.
Cost for the full day is $25.00 — free for those in a current workshop. Parking is FREE.


To register, please email dianna@mindfulnesseveryday.com or call Naomi at (905) 884-6706.

All-Day Retreat Schedule



December 3, 2017

Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts
120 Newkirk Road Unit 12, Richmond Hill, ON

Map - CATAMap

E-mail: info@mindfulnesseveryday.ORG