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Discover Mindfulness

Discover Mindfulness, based in Ontario, is a volunteer organization helping to create communities, tools and awareness to bring mindfulness, well-being and mental health to Canadian schools.

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Ontario Ministry of Education - Curriculum Information

Achieving Excellence:
A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario

Stepping Stones A Resource on Youth Development

Healthy Schools: Information for Teachers and Principals

Open Minds, Healthy Minds
Ontario’s Comprehensive Mental
Health and Addictions Strategy

Creating Pathways to Success

EduGAINS is a website that houses minstry developed resources to support policies and programs related to improved learning and teaching in Ontario schools K-12

White Paper on Integrating Mindfulness Training in Education

The White Paper

A recently-published white paper points to the benefits of providing mindfulness training to educators and provides recommendations for further research and implementation.

Mindfulness in Education Resources

Mindfulness Everyday Mindful Education PROGRAMS

Why Mindfulness? Being Well

In April, 2016, the Ministry of Education added “Student Well-Being” as a fourth renewed pillar of education: “The well-being of students needs to move to the centre of the education system’s priorities.”1 Policy-makers, staff, parents and students alike recognize that wellness (whether physical, mental, social, emotional) is not an add-on to achievement, but directly supports learning, just as lack of wellness inhibits learning. Students will only reach their full potential in school and life if they feel safe, supported and well.

A growing body of research supports mindfulness and social-emotional learning programs as beneficial for student wellness (particularly mental health) and also supporting achievement through cognitive function, self-regulation, attention, self-awareness, empathy and more.

What is Mindfulness? How Does it Develop?

Mindfulness is a non-judgemental, accepting awareness of experiencing the present moment. A state of being that supports living and being well in general, but also learning and working. Mindfulness usually begins as a practice (e.g., formal or informal aspects of mindfulness practice), and then people experience it in their normal lives as a temporary state, which ultimately (with continued exploration) becomes more or less a consistent trait of being.

“Our educators need to build the knowledge and skills associated with positive well-being. … based on the principle that our education system needs to help students build the knowledge and skills associated with positive well-being so that they can become healthy, active and engaged citizens.” Ontario’s Well-Being Strategy

Why Begin with the Educators?

Teachers interested in implementing mindful awareness practices in their classrooms are encouraged to first learn and practice mindfulness strategies for themselves.

Mindfulness for Educators


A 9-Session Program—Winter 2018

SMART™ (Stress Management And Resiliency Techniques) Education is a 9-session, 20-hour evidence-based program designed to address the needs of educators, professional support staff, and those involved in the lives of children and youth.

This evidence-based course trains educators to better manage work-related and personal stress, in order to cultivate emotional balance. SMART integrates the teachings, practices and research from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, emotion theory, and compassion training to address the specific needs and challenges of  educators. Each session consists of presentations, group discussion and experiential practices in mindfulness. A 4-hour silent retreat and weekly home practice is also part of the course.

SMART is a secular program, delivered by SMART UBC accredited facilitators.

Successful participants receive a Certificate of Completion from UBC Faculty of Education.

For more information, please contact or call (647) 677-4707
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Mindfulness for Parents

Mindful Parenting Workshops are designed to improve health and well-being, providing essential self-care tools. Parents and Care-givers can achieve immediate ben-efits for themselves and receive support for implementing mindfulness skills in their family life.

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Articles for Educators

Can Mindfulness Make us Better Teachers?

What Students Remember About Teachers?

For further information on current research, see: The Association for Mindfulness in Education

“In the future, there will need to be many different kinds of mindfulness teachers and guides for many different contexts. What’s needed for educators will differ from what’s needed for health professionals and inner city youth. Let many flowers bloom.”
Jon Kabat-Zinn, February 2014 Mindful Magazine

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