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Responding to Challenging Times

  1. Practice mindful awareness and self-care, especially mindful hand washing.
  2. Keep a sense of humour.
  3. Maintain a sense of curiosity and interest to your experience both inside and outside.
  4. Stay home if you are sick. See social distancing as an act of generousity.
  5. Don’t believe everything you think and hear. Tune into your own inner wisdom.
  6. Be informed. Stay tuned for and share reliable resources.
  7. We are all in this together; find creative ways to support both your own self-care and those around you.
  8. Have appreciation for our health care system, and gratitude for our dedicated health care professionals and staff who are working so hard at this time.
  9. Treat everyone as your own self, with kindness and compassion.
  10. If you are always taking care of others, make yourself an other so that you are included in the picture and practice self-compassion.

Director X on
Operation Prefrontal Cortex

Known for his work on the iconic 'Hotline Bling' music video, Director X stops by Breakfast Television to share his program Operation Prefrontal Cortex, that will use the power of mindfulness and meditation to help reduce the incidents of gun and mass violence in our communities.

The Operation Prefrontal Cortex partnership with Mindfulness Everyday will develop a pilot program for select schools in Toronto. Mindfulness Everyday, a Canadian charitable organization, with a long-standing partnership with the Toronto District School Board, has been delivering mindfulness in education programs since 2009.

The project will train educators in the evidence-based smartEducation program, managed bysmartUBC, teaching them the skills and techniques through experiential learning and practice to embody the qualities that we would like to see in our children and youth. The training will provide teachers with the skill set to authentically pass on their knowledge to both educators and students.

More Information on the program HERE:

To bring this to life, our first step is to create a pilot program to bring mindfulness practices to schools in the Toronto school board, and we need your help to raise $25,000 to fund the pilot in three schools (covering kindergarten to grade 12).
Support the initiative HERE:

Information on Hosting SMART at your school HERE: pdf/SMART_HostingRequirements.pdf


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Dianna Last Memorial Fund

Donations facilitate access to mindfulness training by providing subsidies to those in education and in the community who would benefit in cultivating mindful awareness to support health and well-being.

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Mindfulness Everyday is registered as a charitable organization in Canada #83693 3507 RR0001

As a registered charitable organization, Mindfulness Everyday is pleased to accept donations and volunteers to further its work. For more information, see our About Us page.


Mindfulness Everyday is committed to the health and well-being of our community.
In response to the evolving and rapidly changing COVID-19 situation,
Mindfulness Everyday will be transitioning to online courses
and offering selected resources to support practices in your own home.
We will be exploring options for connecting in meaningful ways.
Stay tuned….
We wish everyone near and far, well-being at this challenging time.

Cultivating Equanimity in Times of Uncertainty

Notifications of cancellations and closures keep rolling in: events that enrich our lives, events that we learn from, events that support connection and community. A great opportunity to reflect on impermanence, watching the structure of our lives dissolve quickly, seeing so clearly the ever-changing nature of reality. The seriousness of the present situation with COVID-19 is not to be underestimated, and yet, how to maintain a sense of calm, a sense of resolve, to be with this situation wisely, and not get overwhelmed by fear and panic. How much toilet paper does one really need?

How can we help protect and support each other from the winds of change? Mindfulness is about connection – connection to oneself, to those around us near and far, and to the planet. This illness transcends borders; it affects us all and calls on us to recognize our inter-connection and act with responsibility. The call for social distancing is a challenge. The tendency is to gather to support one another, and we are now asked to connect in other more creative ways.

The cancellations and closures will affect each of us differently. For some, it is an opportunity to have more time, a respite from the normal busyness of our lives and to meet the time with awareness. For others, who have to still maintain jobs, and starting next week, take care of children at home, more responsibility. We will be providing resources that can be used with children and teens who are at home, to help cultivate mindfulness and resilience so that we can hold onto the intention of meeting the situation with equanimity and clarity. For me, equanimity is the ability to see the big picture, to hold everything in the space of awareness, without getting caught up with judgments that do not serve us. Everyone can have the opportunity to meet this time with mindfulness, with awareness, and be available for what is happening both inside and around them. It is a chance to reflect on what is most important to us: family, friends, community, health, creativity and to see how we can attend to them. We all have a choice in how we respond.

Wishing you, and all those dearest to you, both near and afar all the well-being in these uncertain times,
Heidi Bornstein and Steve Chadwick
Founders, Mindfulness Everyday

Who we are

Toronto-based Mindfulness Everyday, a registered charitable organization, has assembled a dedicated team of professionals, experienced in conducting mindfulness programs. We are committed to improving the health and well-being of community members and the networks that support children and youth, by providing tailored mindfulness programs for students, parents, educators and helping professionals in educational and community settings since 2009. Read more.

What is mindfulness?

How much time do you spend remembering things that have happened in the past or thinking about things that are going to happen in the future? What is happening now – the present moment?

Mindfulness is seeing things more clearly, and paying attention moment to moment to moment. When you are mindful, you notice what is happening—as it is happens. Mindfulness creates a space, a pause in which you can respond considerately to situations, rather than react. Creative possibilities open up; new ways of being with life’s challenges can present themselves.

Today, there is a growing interest in mindfulness. The new breakthroughs in neuroscience show that by practicing mindfulness, the brain can be shaped for greater happiness, love, wisdom and greater emotional balance in turbulent times, as well as healthier relationships, more effective actions, and greater peace of mind.

Mindfulness Everyday programs are based on the principles of the MBSR workshop, an 8-week program created by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1979.

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises
when paying attention to the present moment,
with non-judgment.

Mindfulness Everyday programs

Education: Educators, Children and Youth

Community and Parents

Peace begins with us. The practice of non-harming is the field of training. The second field of training has to do with the development of concentration and a strong, mindful awareness. Mindfulness is the basis for wise action. When we can see clearly what is happening in the moment, wisdom can direct our choices and actions, rather than the old habits simply playing out our patterns of conditioning.” ; Joseph Goldstein, A Heart Full of Peace